About The Podcasting Strategy Show

Curious about next level thinking when it comes to podcasting as a strategy for your business? This show focuses on advanced strategies for making podcasting work for your brand. Our recommendations and stories come from our lived experiences as podcast creators, producers, marketers and coaches. We share not only our own learnings and insights but those of other experienced, seasoned podcasters - many of whom you will know!

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Our beginnings  

Who among you creators and innovators doesn't sit in "the cubicle "and want to break free?  That's my story.  12 years ago I left my corporate management job in UX and started Polymash. I'm Juergen Berkessel.

My journey shaping Polymash has evolved from app development through to podcasting always focusing on the most current applications and technologies that help other content creators share their passions.  

The experience we gained in the app development space just after the iPad first launched was invaluable in learning to navigate the digital marketing world across so many channels.

In 2021, digital marketing strategies, platforms and collaborative relationship building have expanded exponentially.  As content creators, we have so much to chose from to help us develop and grow personally and professionally.   As Marcel Proust said:

"The more things change, the more they stay the same."

Our continuity

What has become clear to us through our growth in the digital marketing space is that search engine optimization remains at top of the list when it comes to growing brand awareness and reputation. That old adage, "content is king" still applies.

What keeps changing is the content form,

Podcasting as a content strategy is Polymash's value proposition.

"Make your podcast work for you and your business, not the other way round."

Our strategies and tools synergistically ensure your podcasting content is syndicated across multiple channels on the web in multiple forms including audio, video, text.

This podcast, Podcasting Strategy will open your eyes to what's possible when it comes to amplifying your message in this world of multimedia.

A great

We have worked with global enterprises such as United Nations, Pfizer to small businesses such at Wellness Connection, Crewest Studios, government agencies such Force Point and entrepreneurs such as Darren Batchelder, Katie Krimitsos and more.

We've learned so much valuable information from the team at Polymash. After meeting Juergen at Podfest, and attending his sessions, we've dramatically increased our SEO on our Creative Outhouse website. We're learning how to optimize our site even more from the tactics and tools that Juergen has suggested on his live show. They are truly experts in their field.

Susan Cooper

Great live show to learn about SEO for beginners like me. Super informative and tons of resources and how-tos recommendations.

Highly recommend for anyone starting with podcast and SEO!

Juliette Roy

If you're unhappy with where your site ranks on Google there's no better person to speak with than Juergen at Polymash. He is an expert at all things SEO and will work with you to get you the results you're seeking. Juergen also has extensive expertise in podcasting can help podcasters, from beginners to the more advanced, achieve success.

Lee Silverstein

I had a great experience attending one of Juergen's Podcast workshops. He provided a tremendous amount of info on how best to promote my podcast and what areas to focus on to improve my podcast audience and exposure. I left with an action plan that was easy to follow and implement

Marc Bautis